QR codes help bide time before NFC takes off

QR Codes vs. NFC mobie marketing

Inexpensive, simple, and familiar barcodes are filling the gap until other technologies step up. QR codes are appearing virtually everywhere, these days, from fliers to magazine ads and from product packages to tourism information locations. Due to their ease and familiarity among consumers, they are being very broadly used. While near field communication (NFC) continues to drag its heels, QR codes are stepping up to make sure that the void is filled. Though the former seems to be receiving a lot of the positive press, and is the center of…

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QR code cube combines real world and online gaming

QR code Codigo Cube Game

The Codigo Cube is not only intriguing, but has found a new angle for gaming. The Codigo Cube is a new type of game that includes a QR code on each of the six sides of the die-like object. It requires the use of a smartphone in order to be able to scan the barcodes and proceed. So far, the reviews and customer feedback for this game have been tremendously positive, not only due to its novelty, but because the players are finding it very enjoyable. The Codigo Cube has…

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QR codes released in time for trade show by Joy of Plants

QR codes

The “Plant Info” smartphone barcodes were launched at the Four Oaks event. Joy of Plants announced that, in partnership with the Atkiro wholesale nursery, it successfully launched its “Plant Info” QR codes at the trade show that occurred in Four Oaks. The benefits of using the barcodes on plant labels were highlighted at the event. These QR codes were available to be used on any type of label for plants, and are currently available for more than 7,500 different varieties and species. The Joy of Plants offers data and images…

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QR codes used by Garanti Bank in first Romanian mobile payments launch

Garanti Bank QR code mobile payments

Consumers in Romania will be able to complete purchase transactions with their smartphones. One of Romania’s most innovative and dynamic banks, Garanti Bank, has announced that it will be launching QR codes that will allow its customers to make purchases through mobile payments, using the technology and services of Seamless, a Swedish company. The new partnership between these two companies will bring about SEQR mobile payments. This service will be available to the Romanian market and will be based on QR codes. It is currently in the stage of a…

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Alan Wake gets upgraded for the PC and takes on QR codes

Alan Wake QR Code in Game

Last week, the much anticipated mystery/action game “Alan Wake” made its debut on the PC. The game had originally been released for the Xbox 360 two years ago but remains a favorite for computer gaming enthusiasts. Developer Remedy Entertainment decided to bring the game to PC as a response for the overwhelming demand from fans to do so. The ported version of the game features upgraded graphics and some interface tweaks, but it also includes a number of Easter eggs that can be found hidden away within QR codes. The…

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