Facebook announcements were plentiful at F8, including many launches

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The social media giant took the opportunity at the F8 conference for both updates and unveilings

There were a number of huge Facebook announcements made at the F8 conference. These included everything from new features to products and updates to existing services.

The following are some of the biggest unveilings Facebook made at F8 via CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Among the Facebook announcements that has been drawing the most attention is FaceDate. It’s exactly what it sounds like. The social network is adding a dating feature to its offerings. This allows users to create a profile that only non-friends who are also FaceDate users will be able to see. The service will match people based on all the data provided. Communication between users occurs by way of a dedicated inbox as opposed to the usual Messenger app.

The company has been establishing itself as one that will drive “meaningful connections.” This not only means that friends, consumers and businesses will connect, but also potential romantic partners. That said, privacy will be particularly important with this component of the social network. It already faces considerable criticism in that area as QR Code Press recently reported. In the dating ecosystem it could rapidly become creepy. That said, investors clearly love the idea as Match Group (the company behind Tinder) saw a massive dive in its share price.

Even beyond dating, a Facebook announcement drawing media attention is “Clear History”

Clear History gives Facebook users the opportunity to delete the data Facebook has collected from apps and sites using its analytics tool. This makes it possible for your browsing history to be eliminated from the social network’s stored data. According to Zuckerberg, it’s comparable to the process of deleting your browser history cookies.

A recent TechCrunch report stated that the F8 also brought an Instagram video chat feature and new anti-bullying efforts. Instagram is adding a new filter to make it possible to keep users safer from bullying comments. Moreover, it will be enhancing its Explore tab.

For those who love virtual reality, VR was also among the Facebook announcements. The company launched its Oculus Go, which is being sold for $199 for the model with 32 GB of onboard storage. For 64 GB, the price goes up to $249.

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