Facebook announcements were plentiful at F8, including many launches

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The social media giant took the opportunity at the F8 conference for both updates and unveilings There were a number of huge Facebook announcements made at the F8 conference. These included everything from new features to products and updates to existing services. The following are some of the biggest unveilings Facebook made at F8 via CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Among the Facebook announcements that has been drawing the most attention is FaceDate. It’s exactly what it sounds like. The social network is adding a dating feature to its offerings. This allows…

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Latest Facebook news includes acquisition of Face.com

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This $55 to $60 million purchase will improve its facial recognition technology. Following several weeks of speculating, Facebook news finally shows that Face.com, an Israeli facial recognition technology, has been acquired. Though rumors initially suggested that it was purchased for $100 million, that number has since fallen. It is now more likely that the company was bought out for somewhere between $55 million and $60 million, and that this amount was a combination of cash and stock. The precise value of the purchase therefore depends on the stock of the…

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Facebook’s latest feature additions

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Over the last few weeks, the Facebook social networking platform has made the most aggressive changes in its history. It now offers its users features such as the Ticker, which is a real-time news feed of a user’s “friend” activity. Similarly, the Timeline feature was added last week in order to make it easier for users to access their older posts. There has been a significant amount of misunderstanding about the changes that have been made. Some of the clarifications that may be necessary include the following: • The Ticker…

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Northern state in Germany prohibits Facebook pages and website “like” buttons

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The Independent Center for Privacy Protection (ULD), located in Schleswig-Holstein, a state in the north of Germany, has demanded that websites take down their Facebook pages, and that they eliminate any Facebook “like” buttons located on their websites. The website owning businesses were given a deadline of September 1, 2011 by which to comply to this demand, or they will be required to pay fines as high as €50,000 (approximately $72,000). Commissioner Thilo Weichert of the ULD in Schleswig-Holstein, stated that a plugin used by the social network, which permits…

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Randi Zuckerberg leaves Facebook

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Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of Facebook’s creator, Mark Zuckerberg, has quit her job as marketing director for the social networking platform in order to begin her own social media venture. It has yet to be determined what kind of impact her resignation will have on Facebook now that Google+, a growing competitor for Facebook, has been launched. Randi Zuckerberg’s intentions are to grow her new organization, RtoZ media, which will work alongside other media firms in order to develop programming that will assist in the creation of platforms that will…

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Facebook and Google+ faceoff over leadership of ecommerce

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In its latest efforts to dominate ecommerce, Google has been making moves that have clearly shown that it considers Facebook to be a threat to its leadership of the online world, and has indicated that it intends to start to move into the social mobile industry with a vengeance.  Among the largest moves that it has made has been its recent unveiling of Google+, which is a combination of its existing tools and services that have been brought together to function within a social networking collective that accesses a wide…

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Google gets into the social media game

It looks like Google is growing again. The internet giant is ready to expand its social and mobile presence to give big hitters like Facebook and Groupon a little competition. Google’s friend finder “Latitude,” got ‘check-in’ capabilities and perks. Additionally, Google ‘places’ enhanced its program to add hotpot; a place for users to recommend and share services and products they have personal experience with. Since Google was started in 1996, their mission statement hasn’t changed.  The company mission was, “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and…

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How companies are spending their marketing dollars in 2011

For small to medium sized businesses, it is expected that these will increase their spending on digital advertising and marketing this year as compared to the previous one according to the Outlook report for 2011 released by Borrell Associates. In this report, 2,800 owners of SMBs were surveyed and results indicate that 84% of them will be spending on digital advertising while 53% will increase this part of their budgets. Results further indicate that a 30% growth is expected on the amount that these companies will spend on social media…

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