Cab Match, LLC is pleased to announce the release of Card Swapp QR Code App

A smartphone application that allows phone users to exchange business card information by using a QR (Quick Response) image to represent a mobile business card.

Presently, the business community is exchanging business cards using the vCard format or a mobile website. Due to the many variations in vCard formats, QR decoding applications have a difficult time interpreting the information to save onto the phone. Card Swapp remedies this problem by creating a format that has more consistent data which prevents decoding errors. Another big advantage of the Card Swapp format is that the QR image can retrieve unlimited data without distorting the QR image, whereas, a vCard is limited to the amount of information that can be placed onto the QR image. Card Swapp is able to work without Internet access, whereas business card apps that use mobile websites are dependent on Internet access.

An additional unique feature of the Card Swapp mobile business card is a built in news feed that allows clients to follow a QR Code App

Possible use of the news feed include: grab a restaurant’s takeout menu and business card at the same time, getting the latest holiday hours of operations of different establishments, finding out the latest school closing news, and tracking upcoming events of businesses and organizations.

Unlike a printed business card, any change that a phone user makes on their mobile business card will synchronize and update the change onto their contacts’ phones. Cab Match LLC founder Minh Tran says, “The paper business card is becoming more outdated and we are now in the digital era. The paper business card will need to evolve.”

For more information about the Card Swapp App (iPhone & Android), visit

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Founded in 2011, Cab Match LLC is a smartphone application development company that is dedicated to building innovative mobile applications. Its Mobile applications have been featured on Fox News, ABC News, WTOP Radio, The Washington Post, and the Washington Examiner. Visit Cab Match online at and

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