Artificial intelligence teams at Google to consolidate, says CEO

Artificial intelligence - Google Teams - Consolidate

Sundar Pichai has announced that the AI model development teams will be added to the DeepMind unit

Google has announced that it will be consolidating internal artificial intelligence teams and bringing them into the DeepMind unit.

The announcement was made by CEO Sundar Pichai in a blog post

The post was made on the company’s official website by the Alphabet and Google chief executive officer. There, he explained the company’s decision for consolidating the artificial intelligence model building teams into DeepMind, including the Research division teams.

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DeepMind was first formed in 2023 when the Google Brain team was merged with DeepMind and other AI system focused researchers.

According to Pichai, the decision to consolidate the teams last year “helped accelerate our Gemini models” while it also brought together the machine learning (ML) infrastructure and developer teams.

Since last year’s consolidation, artificial intelligence progress has accelerated

“The progress in just one year has been incredible: Gemini models are seen as leaders and keep getting better,” said Pichai. “And our successive breakthroughs have put us on a path to deliver the world’s most advanced, safe, and responsible AI.”

He went on to focus on this latest decision, saying: “Now, to accelerate this progress, we’re going to consolidate the teams that focus on building models across Research and GoogleDeepMind. All of this work will now sit in Google DeepMind and scale our capacity to deliver capable AI for our users, partners and customers.” From there, he explained that “This will simplify development by concentrating compute-intensive model building in one place and establishing single access points for PAs looking to take these models and build generative AI applications.”

According to Pichai, the new artificial intelligence team consolidation also provides Google Research with a solid, defined mandate to move forward in “foundational and applied computer science research” which he said would fall into three central categories of the company’s mission.  These were: foundational ML and algorithm, computing systems (which includes quantum), and applied science and society.

Also joining DeepMind will be the Responsible AI teams currently residing in Google Research.  The goal is to bring them nearer to where the models themselves are being created and scaled.

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