Apple may choose Bluetooth over NFC for iWallet

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NFC technology driving mobile commerce, but is not the only option

Mobile commerce is gaining the attention of technology and telecommunications companies around the world, driven by the advent of NFC technology. With NFC becoming a primary focus for mobile commerce, technology companies have begun wading into the sometimes turbulent waters of the financial world. Nearly a year ago, Google entered into the mobile commerce arena with its Google Wallet application, which aimed to facilitate transactions using NFC technology. The company has been inundated with problems concerning the security of its Wallet, as well as other factors, which has caused the platform to see lackluster results. Apple, also showing interest in mobile payments, may be taking a new approach to the matter.

Apple’s interest in NFC subject to speculation

Speculation abounds concerning Apple’s next generation of its popular iPhone. Many believe that the new iPhone will be equipped with an NFC chip that will allow users to make mobile purchases. Earlier this year, the company unveiled plans for an application it calls the iWallet, which will be an application that stores and utilizes the financial information of a consumer. Initially, it had been believed that this would be an NFC-based application. Retail analyst Pablo Saez Gil of the ResearchFarm, a retail research and analysis firm, believes that this is not the case.

iWallet may make use of Bluetooth to conduct mobile transactions and other operations

According to Gil, Apple’s iWallet, and its next iPhone, will not be NFC-enabled. Instead, it will use Bluetooth technology to facilitate mobile commerce operations. This technology will also be used to allow wireless data transfer. Gil suggests that Bluetooth is more appealing to the technology company because it is far more inclusive than NFC, allowing more consumers to participate in its use.

Strong competition may be a factor in move away from NFC

Another reason Apple may choose to adopt Bluetooth over NFC technology is because of the strong competition the company will face in the mobile commerce field. Financial companies like Visa and Barclays have teamed with technology and telecommunications companies in an attempt to establish themselves as leaders of the emerging industry. AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile have come together to create the Isis platform, which has already become one of the most popular mobile commerce platforms amongst businesses and financial institutions. With such staunch competition, Apple may be wise to find an alternative to NFC technology.

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