Wearable technology now has a heat generating shirt in its category

thermometer - wearable technology

With wintry weather on its way, clothing that produces its own warmth may be an appealing opportunity.

A new shirt is now heating up the wearable technology category, as the FuelWear Flame Base layer has now been unveiled as a product that warms itself in order to keep the wearer’s body temperature at exactly the desired temperature.

This wearable device can be worn for several hours, depending on the amount of heat it must generate.

This wearable technology shirt will continue to provide the wearer with warmth for anywhere from 3 to 12 hours. The length of time that it will continue to produce heat depends on how much heat it is required to produce. When it needs to produce more heat, it will be able to do so for a shorter amount of time, but when it must produce less, then it will last much longer. For this reason, it isn’t outside the realm of possibility that this device could be worn all day long.

An embedded sensor in the wearable technology register’s the body’s heat in order to continually adjust.

thermometer - wearable technologyFor instance, if the wearer is in a warm environment or is active, such as during a time when he or she is out for a run or is skiing, then the heat function is deactivated in order to conserve power and to ensure that the wearer remains comfortable. However, when the user’s body temperature drops below the desired level, then the shirt will produce its own heat to make up for it. When this product launches, it will reportedly be sold with a $250 price tag.

This is not the first type of clothing that has been produced to include tech in order to provide certain additional benefits. For example Ralph Lauren had a bio sensing Polo shirt at this year’s US Open. OmSignal also has a shirt that provides biofeedback to athletes. Intel is looking at a smart shirt of its own to monitor various biometrics. The Power Suit in Australia, sold by MJ Bale, gives men the option to use their NFC technology enabled cuff to pay for purchases through PayWave.

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