Smart dress reveals how frequently women are harassed at nightclubs

The Dress for Respect - Smart Dress - Schweppes & Ogilvy Brazil YouTube

A touch-sensitive dress shows that women are not exaggerating about sexual harassment at nightclubs. A smart dress created for a project called “The Dress for Respect,” tracked how often and how intensely women in Brazil were groped on an average night out at a club or party. The special dress was embedded with sensor technology. The sensor technology that was embedded into the garment tracked both touch and pressure. This information was immediately sent to a visual system so that the project researchers could track the harassment in real time.…

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Connected jacket from Levi’s and Google gets ride-share alerts

Connected Jacket - Levi's and Project Jacquard

This latest smart clothing release from Project Jacquard has additional functionality. Google and Levi’s launched a connected jacket last fall with limited usage options at the start, as was reported by QR Code Press. However, this Project Jacquard based smart clothing has received a considerable upgrade. The connected jean jacket was designed primarily with cyclists in mind, keeping their gadgets accessible. The idea behind the connected jacket is to make it possible for people who can’t fiddle with their phone to still access it. A brush or tap of the…

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Levi’s smart jacket is finally becoming available to consumers

Wearable technology smart jacket levis project jacquard

This wearable technology was first demonstrated quite a while ago and now shoppers can finally try it. The Levi’s smart jacket was initially unveiled two years ago, and consumers have been waiting for their own chance to try it out. Now, the touch-sensitive fabric has been integrated into a jacket with a smart sleeve. This clothing with a smart sleeve will be sold for about $350 for consumers who want tech right in their outfit. The smart jacket sleeve is incorporated into the Levi’s Commuter Trucker jacket. It has an…

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New smart clothing technology for construction workers aims to save lives

smart clothing technology work boot

The SolePower work boot is currently only a prototype but it is designed to reduce the risk of injury or worse. The smart clothing technology industry is a rapidly growing one, despite the fact that virtually nobody is wearing any of it yet. The vast majority of the devices remain in their prototype phase. That said, many are becoming funded or have already achieved their funding and could be seen on store shelves in upcoming months and years. This is the hope of the creators of the SolePower work boot,…

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Silk wearable technology fabric developed by IIT team

silk wearable technology worm

Tech experts have created a form of hybrid material using the fibroin protein from the luxury textile. A tech developer team at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur has come up with a silk wearable technology fabric. It uses the silk fibroin protein to create a kind of hybrid material that can function as a wearable sensor and yet still easily suit today’s fashion market. The idea is that the fabric could one day be made into clothing that could function as a smart sensor. This silk wearable technology…

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Ralph Lauren wearable technology PoloTech shirt to hit store shelves

PoloTech ralph lauren wearable technology

This device and apparel cross over will become available in time for the US Open this week. The PoloTech shirt from Ralph Lauren isn’t just the next one of the designer’s pieces of clothing, but is actually wearable technology that has been embedded with sensors that provide the wearer with biometric data in real-time. This includes readings on the number of calories burned and the wearer’s heart rate, sent to the wearer’s iPhone. The information collected and transmitted through this wearable technology smart shirt is meant to help the wearer…

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Wearable technology now has a heat generating shirt in its category

thermometer - wearable technology

With wintry weather on its way, clothing that produces its own warmth may be an appealing opportunity. A new shirt is now heating up the wearable technology category, as the FuelWear Flame Base layer has now been unveiled as a product that warms itself in order to keep the wearer’s body temperature at exactly the desired temperature. This wearable device can be worn for several hours, depending on the amount of heat it must generate. This wearable technology shirt will continue to provide the wearer with warmth for anywhere from…

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Wearable technology brings clothing that responds to background music

wearable technology botfactory squink

A new high tech shirt called Sync uses LED that pulses in response to tunes in the room. A new VJ shirt called Sync is among the latest entries into the wearable technology category, bringing with it an integration of LED into a plus sign design, which pulses in response to background music that it detects. The wearable tech product is from CRTED, a design consultancy and R&D lab from New York City. The company used the innovations in circuitry and hardware from startup Botfactory in order to be able…

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Smart clothing from Ralph Lauren worn at U.S. Open

Tennis ball US open smart clothing

This will be the brand’s introduction into the wearable technology industry. The U.S. Open wasn’t just an exciting event for tennis fans, this year, as it also represented the introduction of the latest in smart clothing, which was, in this case, made up of a nylon t-shirt from Ralph Lauren, which was able to monitor the stress levels and heart rate of the wearer. All the athlete needed to do was wear the shirt, and certain physical responses could be monitored remotely. David Lauren spoke about the smart clothing only…

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Wearable technology could soon be powered by a thread-like lithium ion battery

thread like battery for wearable technology mobile devices

This power source has been described as somewhat similar to yarn, and could replace current forms of battery. According to some of the latest power source tech discoveries, the next batteries to be produced for wearable technology could be less like the forms that we currently recognize and more in the form of a lithium ion yarn like threading. These very small and flexible electronics could become the next generation of smart clothes wearables. It could also help to solve some of the issues that are currently faced by the…

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Smart clothing models to be launched by DoCoMo this year

docomo wearable technology smart clothing

The company is planning a range of different moves in wearable technology before 2014 is through. NTT DoCoMo, from Japan, is starting an effort that would bring itself into the wearable technology market and that will have smart clothing on the shelves before the completion of this year. The company used the Mobile Asia Expo to be able to demo a number of its new mobile devices and gadgets. The smart clothing is made from a special kind of fabric that will allow for the transmission of bioelectrical signals so…

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