Well.ca launches Canada’s first QR code pop-up store in Toronto

Virtual Store

Well.ca, an online retailer based in Canada, is set to bring virtual pop-up stores to North America this month. The company has announced that Canada will be home to North America’s first pop-up store, which will feature a wide line of products, each associated with their own QR code. The store will be located in downtown Toronto and will be open through the end of April. Consumers will be able to find a wide range of products at the store from brands like Tide, Crest and Head and Shoulders. Pop-up…

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Exploring the differences and similarities of the two

QR Codes vs. NFC mobie marketing

QR codes have started springing to life here in the U.S. as businesses and entrepreneurs alike have discovered their simple wonder as a marketing tool.  Meanwhile, mobile technology developers have all ready came out with another genius tool; the Near Field Communication (NFC) tags. QR codes and NFC devices are similar, yet very different.  Both, if used correctly, can help propel your business presence from the physical to the virtual world. QR codes are a small square box that looks similar to a 2D, pixilated barcode. They can be embedded…

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