Twitter social media marketing isn’t earning enough for the company

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A new strategy is being developed that may involve the use of paid subscriptions on a premium Tweetdeck version. As Twitter social media marketing simply isn’t generating the level of income the company had hoped for. It is considering the launch of a new paid subscription version of Tweetdeck. It is geared toward professionals and would provide them with an ad-free experience. Twitter is looking into this and other potential revenue streams after its advertising has fallen short. The Twitter social media marketing strategy simply isn’t bringing in the revenue…

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Social media marketing at Twitter expands further

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The network’s mobile advertising is continuing to grow through a new deal that it has made. The media services division from Omnicom Group Inc. has recently entered into a comprehensive new social media marketing agreement with Twitter, the massive (and growing) network that is rapidly becoming a very important player in the smartphone ad environment. This agreement is designed to expand the reach of both companies in terms of their mobile ads. The social media marketing deal is worth an estimated $230 million between Twitter and Omnicom. This figure and…

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Mobile marketing may be led by Twitter next year

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Fiksu has released its prediction that intent and real time location data will send the social network skywards. The App marketing specialist, Fiksu, has now released its latest predictions about mobile marketing, in which it was forecasted that by the end of 2014, Twitter will be leading the way for social media over that channel. Twitter made two enormous announcements last week, which have kept that network in the spotlight. The first of the two announcements was that it confirmed its intentions for an IPO. The second was that it…

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