Starbucks mobile app is headed for a massive upgrade

starbucks mobile payments app

The popular café chain intends to invest a considerable amount of money into improving its application. Starbucks has become exceptionally popular as a coffee chain and over recent years its mobile app has played a huge role in its ability to differentiate itself from the rest of the increasingly crowded café market. In terms of its success with mobile payments, it is virtually unparalleled and is often seen as the ultimate success story. Starbucks has moved exceptionally strategically and has already poured a massive effort into creating an extremely functional,…

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Starbucks continues its dominance of the mobile payments space

Starbucks Mobile Payments App

Starbucks continues to find success with its mobile initiatives Starbucks has become more ambitious with its plans for mobile payments. The company has established itself as a leader in the North American mobile commerce space and intends to solidify this lead by becoming more mobile-friendly in the coming months. According to Starbucks, its customers make a purchase on a smartphone 7 million times every week, on average. The company notes that 16% of all in-store transactions come from mobile devices. Company combines loyalty program with mobile payments platform to great…

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