Invisible QR codes developed by prof at University of South Dakota

invisible qr codes

The barcodes have been created in order to be viewed only when shown under infrared light. University of South Dakota professor Stanley May, along with Jon Kellar, both from the School of Mines and Technology, have created QR codes that become visible only when they are displayed under an infrared light. The researchers from the university have created the barcode in order to help prevent counterfeiting. They are hoping that by adding these invisible QR codes to official documents, it might help to provide easier recognition of forgeries and counterfeits…

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QR codes will be invisible with the help of a USD professor

QR Codes check in

University of South Dakota researchers are on their way to developing the technology. Researchers from the University of South Dakota are now including a well known chemistry professor among the team that is assisting in the development of invisible QR codes. Though these barcodes are traditionally found in black and white, non-visible ones are now needed. Traditionally, QR codes are used on advertising and product packaging, in order to direct consumers to web pages and sites that provide special offers, discounts, and product information. Their ability to hold hundreds of…

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