QR code tattoo fail: Argentinian soccer fan’s tat delinked

QR Code Tattoo - Tattoo Artist

No joke: A fan of Argentina’s River Plate soccer team had a QR code tattooed to his leg to show his love for his team. The fan’s QR code tattoo links to a triumphant highlight video on YouTube of River Plate securing its 5-3 two-legged Copa Libertadores Finals win over arch rivals Boca Juniors…or at least it did. The QR code-linking footage was taken down after Twitter users banded together to have the video removed. The QR code tattoo was shared on Twitter by Argentinian sports journalist Ariel Cristofalo. The…

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QR codes will soon reach omnipresence

QR Code Analytic Company

Quick response codes (QR codes) are not a new technology, but until mobile commerce found its place through the use of smartphones, the use of the barcodes had not been widespread. Now, as smartphones have become extremely common, QR codes are appearing everywhere and marketers are beginning to tap into their true potential. QR codes provide the user with a highly convenient opportunity to gain further information on a certain topic, or to otherwise interact with a company, brand, or offering. With a simple scan of the code using any…

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