Mobile app called Yik Yak linked to bullying and bomb threats

mobile app bullying

Concerns have been rising in schools with regards to this anonymous geographically specific comment wall. A mobile app called Yik Yak has been under fire over the last little while as a result of people who have been using it in order to bully others, as well as to go as far as to make bomb threats. The application, itself, is quite unique in that it allows people to post anonymously within a certain geographical area. The problems associated with the way that the mobile app has been used has…

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Social media marketing for businesses differs from one network to the next

mobile Social media marketing

Many companies are asking themselves which is best for their own results. Though Facebook is holding its top place well ahead in the social media marketing environment, Google+ recently overtook Twitter for the second place, causing many to wonder if positions will continue to change over the next little while. It is also causing businesses to take a second look at Google+, which has been underestimated for a while. Small businesses, especially, are beginning to discover that there are some considerable advantages to social media marketing using Google+ instead of…

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Facebook aims to make new moves toward media and mobile commerce

Facebook mobile commerce

According to the director of platform partnerships at Facebook, Ethan Beard, the ever evolving social media network, has taken aim at enabling the sharing of media, as well as taking a bigger step into mobile, and using the social connections in order to increase commerce. Beard made this announcement in San Francisco, at the Yerba Buena Arts Center for the first Ad Age Digital West conference. Facebook is also expected to make significant announcements at its developer conference in San Francisco, called f8. There, it is expected that there will…

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