This common mobile marketing technique gets 75 percent of consumers to buy

Mobile marketing data - 75 percent purchase

A new survey has found that this simple form of advertising is driving shoppers to purchase. According to the newly released results of an annual Consumer Insights survey conducted by Vibes, 75 percent of consumers say that receiving text mobile marketing message advertisements regularly drives shoppers to make a purchase from brands. Among the survey respondents, 54 percent said they had made a purchase based on a digital wallet offer. The survey involved the participation of more than 1,000 consumers who regularly use their smartphones and other mobile devices to…

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Latest MobileSTAT from Jumptap shows boost in mobile call-to-action marketing

How to Mobile Marketing Info

Jumptap’s experts on mobile ads have revealed the results of its most recent MobileSTAT report (which stands for Simple Targeting & Audience Trends), that shows that there is a change toward call-to action techniques in the latest mobile ads.  The data was collected throughout May 2011, and it showed that it is common for mobile ads to be designed in order to create a call to action.  The actual number of action-focused campaigns was 34 percent.  The types of performance they encouraged included downloading or initiating a call, instead of…

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