Smartwatches from Sony won’t be Android Wear, yet

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Though the wearable technology manufacturer isn’t using it now, it hasn’t ruled it out for the future. Sony has announced that when it comes to its smartwatches and other wearables, it will not be using Android Wear at the moment, however, they did release an updated statement shortly after the initial one that it intends to “evaluate opportunities across a number of areas,” suggesting that Google’s wearable technology operating system hasn’t been entirely ruled out. This announcement was made by the head of the U.S. arm of Sony Mobile, Ravi…

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Smartwatches for kids have now been unveiled

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The VTech KidiZoom wearable technology device has now become the first watch for children. When it comes to technology news, smartwatches are about as hot as things can get at the moment, and they’re only going to continue in that direction over the next few years, according to experts in the industry. Therefore, it only makes sense that these mobile devices should start to be issued with specific consumers in mind. This is exactly what appears to be happening, as smartwatches are now being manufactured by VTech, the tech toy…

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Sony brings NFC technology to SmartWatch 2

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SmartWatch 2 equipped with NFC technology Amid a tide of rumors suggesting Apple’s interest in developing wearable technology and Google’s plans to launch augmented reality glasses, Japanese technology giant Sony has made a surprising move. Sony has unveiled its SmartWatch 2, which it hopes will revolutionize the mobile market and have a major impact on consumers that are interested in wearable technology. Notably, the SmartWatch 2 is equipped with NFC technology, which significantly expands its potential uses over those of its eventual competitors. NFC could open many doors for wearable…

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