Smartwatches for kids have now been unveiled

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The VTech KidiZoom wearable technology device has now become the first watch for children.

When it comes to technology news, smartwatches are about as hot as things can get at the moment, and they’re only going to continue in that direction over the next few years, according to experts in the industry.

Therefore, it only makes sense that these mobile devices should start to be issued with specific consumers in mind.

This is exactly what appears to be happening, as smartwatches are now being manufactured by VTech, the tech toy company. The KidiZoom Smart Watch was first unveiled at the 2014 International Toy Fair and it is being called the very first one to have been designed specifically for children.

Though they do pass for smartwatches, it does have some differences with the typical adult version.

iwatch smartwatch wearable technologyFor instance, this device does allow the child to take pictures, record video, and play games directly on its 1.4 inch touchscreen. However, at the same time, it does not connect to the internet (meaning that technically it is not a smartwatch, even though it comes close).


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These mobile devices will hit the store shelves this fall and is expected to retail for $49.99. Its software gives a good first impression and does mimic the overall look and feel of the concept of the equivalent wearable technology for adults. In fact, it is impressive enough that some have called it more attractive than the standard version that is currently hitting the market for adult consumers.

While the KidZoom Smart Watch isn’t officially that type of device, it is the first one for kids, it uses full color graphics, and it is easy to use. This is more impressive than what many of the connected devices have to offer. In that, many are starting to wonder if VTech is considering the development and a release of more wearable technology and if it intends to try to compete with the Sony SmartWatch 2 or the Galaxy Gear from Samsung.

Smartwatches are creating an extremely competitive category and a number of companies are already working very hard to establish their dominance. As this will make it very hard to break into the market for companies that wait much longer, it is likely that niche products like this one will start to pop up here and there in order to try to take what they can out of this trend.

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