QR codes used in Wisconsin elementary school for book recommendations

QR codes book school mobile shopping

Fifth graders from the Woodside Elementary School are using barcodes to recommend their favorites. A new project involving the fifth grade students from Woodside Elementary School in Sussex, Wisconsin, has allowed the children to use QR codes to identify their book recommendations at the local public library. The school is using the barcodes to let students share their opinions about books with the community. The Pauline Haass Public Library now features the QR codes within the children’s area. This allows members of the community to visit the library and use…

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QR codes are helping to teach fractions to children

jenga qr codes to teach fractions

A new and smartphone friendly version of Jenga has been produced to help teach math. QR codes are starting to play yet another important role in education, as a new version of an old game has been developed in order to assist in teaching children about fractions and how they work. These smartphone friendly barcodes have been used for several years to help teach children various lessons. Teachers are always coming up with new and innovative ways to apply the codes to help with everything from physical education to health…

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QR codes make it into the bedtime routine with special PJs

QR codes for babies kids parents

Each pajama pair comes with approximately 50 colored barcodes that can be scanned by mobile devices. A father in Idaho Falls, has developed a new high tech way to incorporate smartphone technology into the bedtime experience for children, through the use of QR codes printed directly onto their pajamas. The man, Juan Murdoch, is calling his invention “Smart PJs” and has made something old new again. Murdoch explained that “It’s a new spin on pajamas. Pajamas have been around for thousands of years and this is something new.” He credits…

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QR codes added to Disney campaign to appeal to kids

disney mobile payments

The new mobile marketing campaign is being launched in Australia with the target discount store. Disney and Target are now working together in Australia to reach out and connect with children through mobile marketing that is based on QR codes printed onto an interactive virtual wall. The interactive mcommerce experience was designed to be used for only this past weekend. The location was at a cinema in Sydney and it was created in order to use QR codes to form a child friendly experience. Though Disney is experienced in the…

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