Toyota introduces ToyoTag QR codes

Toyota mobile payments

Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A has announced that it will be including quick response (QR) codes into its marketing mix, to allow mobile phone-using customers to obtain instant access to vehicle quotes, promotions, safety tips, videos, and other tools, information, and features. Calling the 2D barcodes the ToyoTag, customers of the major car manufacturer can capture the image of the logo within a ring in order to obtain content related to the company and its products. The feature works with both standard mobile phones and smartphones alike. The SnapTag reader can…

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Music fans reap rewards of exclusive QR code offers

QR Codes Campaign Music Industry

The music industry has always been on the cusp of technologic innovation when it comes to promotion. Driven by artists and bands that are keen to establish their personas firmly in the minds of fans, marketing becomes an all encompassing aspect in the industry. Marketing forms the basis through which a bands image, attitude and sound are pressed into the minds of music lovers around the world. As mobile technology is becoming more advanced, new marketing possibilities are emerging and many are flocking to QR codes. QR codes have become…

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