QR codes used by Emart in Korea to boost lunchtime sales

qr codes shadow used to bring in customers

The response has been quite positive to “The Sunny Sale” campaign. Emart, a supermarket in Korea, has been struggling to boost its sales at lunchtime, until it came up with an innovative new way to reach consumers through the use of QR codes. The campaign has been called “The Sunny Sale” and is meant to bring more consumers through the doors. At the heart of The Sunny Sale, is a three dimensional sculpture, which has been placed in every major city that has an Emart location. Between the hours of…

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Mobile discount coupons focus on QR code and social media compatibility

Mobile gaming

Modiv Media has announced their newest product called Modiv Social, which allows consumers to collect discount coupons from any source they’d like, and then use them or share them over social media such as Facebook. This uses a concept that is not at all new, but that has yet to be fully leveraged over the mobile channel. Email marketers have been told that their effectiveness and survival will require the use of social and mobile platform links for some time now, but it wasn’t until mobile couponing arrived that this…

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