Wearable technology is PayPal’s new target

Paypal Mobile Payments wearable technology

The online and mobile payments company is now making its first move toward even smaller devices. The skyrocketing popularity of wearable technology cannot be denied, particularly now that these mobile devices have taken the Mobile World Congress by storm and virtually every manufacturer in the industry has either released products within this category or is on the verge of doing so. In response to this massive new trend, PayPal now intends to create a payments app specific to these devices. This move toward wearable technology will notably expand its reach…

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Forrester and PayPal forecasts the replacement of traditional wallets by mobile devices in 5 years

Mobile Wallets

A report issued by PayPal and Forrester has indicated that mobile phone payments may replace transactions made through physical wallets as soon as 2016. Equally, ABI research made its own predictions about Google Wallet, which is an NFC technology-based mobile payment service that will encourage a more rapid adoption of this type of transaction by the end of next year, expecting global adoption in three years. Though the two calculations are different in terms of the timeline in which they figure these goals will be reached, the analysts still agree…

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