Qualcomm CEO snubs augmented reality glasses

Augmented Reality Glasses Example

Qualcomm moving away from AR glasses Qualcomm is one of the largest companies in the mobile space currently. The company is responsible for a wide range of technologies that go into the most famous mobile devices currently available on the market. Qualcomm recently adopted a strong focus on augmented reality technology, spurred by consumer demand and the growing interest its competitors have been showing the technology in recent years. Qualcomm’s leading augmented reality platform, called Vuforia, has been the crux of many advances in the realm of interactive technology, but…

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Qualcomm develops new digital sixth sense using augmented reality

Qualcomm Headquarters in San Diego

Qualcomm, an innovative technology company, has been working on developing advanced uses for augmented reality technology. Unwilling to let the technology be relegated to be used as a gimmick for marketing campaigns, developers at Qualcomm have been developing ways for the technology to see some practical use. At this year’s IQ2011, a technology convention, Qualcomm’s CEO, Paul Jacobs, demonstrated how augmented reality could be used as a “digital sixth sense.” The demonstration showed that the company has come a long way in making augmented reality a practical, perhaps even revolutionary,…

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