HP reveals new NFC mouse

NFC mouse by HP

NFC Mouse from HP to be launched in November Acclaimed hardware and software corporation Hewlett-Packard (HP) has announced plans to develop the world’s first NFC-enabled mouse. The company has shown interest in NFC and other interactive technology and has been working on introducing these into new products. The new, wireless mouse will be a first for the company, which claims the device will be compatible with any NFC-enabled device, whether it be a smart phone, tablet, or PC. The NFC mouse is expected to go on sale in November of…

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Intel to release new NFC-enabled “ultrabook” laptops by the end of the year

Intel mobile security software

Technology giant Intel has announced a new line of portable computers called “ultrabooks.” The company has begun feeling pressure from competitor Apple in the laptop market, which has grown in the past few years as more consumers begin to show signs of favoring mobility over anything else. Intel’s ultrabooks are designed to be high-performance machines that are durable and house some of the best features Intel has to offer. Many of these features are quite impressive, but Intel’s most innovative addition to the ultrabooks is an NFC chip that will…

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