Google reaches out to business owners


  Google makes a bold move to interact with local small and medium businesses; in person. Not through the help forum or a mailed ad campaign, but actually in person, shake hands, let’s sit and talk. This shows that Google is getting it. People need to put a face with a service; we still need a certain level of human interaction.   Anyone who uses Google (or used to use Google) knows how hard it is to get help from a live person. Google’s head of local consumer marketing has…

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Health industry ripe for mobile commerce growth

Mobile Commerce Trends

Mobile technology is exploding in all areas of business. While most people think about what new games will come out or how they can use the NFC technology to pay for items or market their products; one area has been almost invisible to us. The medical field has numerous opportunities for mobile applications. According to one major health research institute, the consumer market for mobile or remote monitoring devices starts at around 7 billion dollars. Doctors, hospitals and other healthcare service providers are also using various forms of wireless technology.…

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