Mobile commerce may be the future of small business

Starting a small business can be a daunting task, especially in a world dominated by mobile technology. A massive amount of people rely on smartphones and other devices in their everyday lives, and while the mobile space can be difficult to break into, a focus on mobile technology could be a major advantage for budding entrepreneurs. Setting up a small business requires more than embracing mobile technology, of course, and one of the major challenges many people face in building a new company is obtaining the financial support they need…

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10 Tips To Creating A Better Mobile Commerce Site

black friday mobile shopping record

More number of people are opting for surfing the net through their mobile phones. The advent of high quality smartphones has helped the cause, BIG TIME! On the other hand, it has also become important for a web designer to apply greater skill on building a high quality mobile site. A recent survey shows that 66% smartphone owners do shopping for their products through their mobile phone. Nevertheless, you must keep a few points in mind when you build a mobile commerce website in a better manner. Here are 10…

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Mobile commerce skyrockets by 180 percent at Blinkbox

TV Mobile commerce

The company has reported a sudden surge in its sales by way of many different wireless devices. Blinkbox has released its latest figures, which have revealed that its mobile commerce sales jumped by 180 percent from November to December, which they are calling a considerable victory. Similarly, they saw a year over year increase of 220 percent in their 2012 sales. The site provides a television and movie streaming service which is primarily owned by Tesco (80 percent). It is currently experiencing a growing number of sales from a combination…

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