10 Tips To Creating A Better Mobile Commerce Site

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More number of people are opting for surfing the net through their mobile phones.

The advent of high quality smartphones has helped the cause, BIG TIME! On the other hand, it has also become important for a web designer to apply greater skill on building a high quality mobile site. A recent survey shows that 66% smartphone owners do shopping for their products through their mobile phone. Nevertheless, you must keep a few points in mind when you build a mobile commerce website in a better manner. Here are 10 of them.

  1. Do not copy content: Every mobile commerce business has some rival companies. The majority of them make a blunder by blindly copying content from a rival website. They are not aware that Google does not accept duplicate content as it does not include them in the listing. It means that your website is not going to feature in search engine results.
  2. Do not use content-focused Marketing: Many company owners overload their website with all their brands. They display everything they have got and, therefore, bore the customers who are more interested in what benefits them the most. You must keep only what attracts them. Lose the flab.
  3. Use more descriptive keywords: Keywords are one of the most significant aspects of search engine optimisation. It is absolutely important that the keywords are used to favour the business of your company. The majority of mobile websites do not focus on keywords, which is a serious mistake.mobile commerce site
  4. Mention product specifications: Any site related to products or B2B technology requires mentioning the specifications of the products they have. Many sites fail to mention these and become less active mobile websites.
  5. Usability: It is important to keep the usability of the mobile device. In case, your website is enriched with amazing features related to usability, it is going to make a big difference in SEO. If your website offers discount coupons for partners like Bigrock, you have to feature it.
  6. Use links: You must use relevant links on the category results and product pages. This is to help your users experience easy navigation while moving on from a specific page to some other. An example would be, a website that uses Bigrock Coupon Codes must have relevant links associated to that site.
  7. Provide desktop link: User should be able to switch to the desktop mode whenever they wish to. That is why you should keep a link (preferably at page’s footer) so that users can be able to view the complete website easily.
  8. Easy check-out: The check-out section of the website must be extremely easy to locate. If there is any discount, mention it clearly. There should not be any complication while finding out the same. If the customer gets irritated by the complications, he may quit.
  9. Less content on pages: You must remember that you are designing for a smaller screen. Reading lengthy material may not attract a customer unless it is about the product they are interested in. Make sure you provide your customer the option to read more if he wants to.
  10. Create easy site map: There should be an apt mobile sitemap for the content which is mobile-specific. Make sure you index the same as well.

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