QR Code Press offers Business Bits every Monday for tech entrepreneur success

Business bits for tech entreprenuers

From mobile marketers to fintech entrepreneurs, our editor and writing team have what you’re looking for.

QR Code Press is proud to announce the start of our new weekly series, Business Bits.  Every Monday, entrepreneurs and business people across the technology industry will learn fine-tuned, expert business and sales techniques to get you to your targets and beyond.

Whether you’re starting a new career or are ready to give an existing one a kickstart, the strategies are here.

Business Bits consist of a weekly article and email comprising precisely the tips, techniques and strategies you need to enhance your tech business success.  To accomplish this, our editor and writing team are talking to some of the most successful business people in this industry.  They’re accumulating critical insights and tips, then sculpting them into bite-sized, practical and yet highly powerful bits for you to learn and use for your own achievements.

This new feature couldn’t be timelier, as millions of Americans find themselves starting new careers or reshaping existing ones in order to keep up with the current economic situation. This expert information will be interesting, informative and valuable, regardless of the latest goals you’re laying out for your new or current business.

Business Bits isn’t selling anything, but is simply providing you with handy, shockingly effective insight.

Too good to be true? Not at all! This new site feature isn’t trying to sell anything to you.  There are no strings – or even threads – attached. It’s just a matter of providing you with useful weekly information beyond the all-too-frequently rewritten tips you can find anywhere else online.  Our team came together to create this feature to better connect with our readers: you.  We already share regular, interesting mobile technology industry news, but now we’d like to offer helpful bits you can use as tools to support your business.

When we say that we’re consulting successful entrepreneurs, we don’t mean just anyone.  Each week, we will talk about the strategy, technique, tip, or other form of advice from a different businessperson who has achieved mastery of their company, niche, or market. Nothing was handed to them. They figured it out through careful thought, trial and error. Now, they’re sharing what they’ve learned, and we’re reporting it.

Make sure you never miss one issue of Business Bits.  Have it sent directly to your email every week by signing up for our (spam-free) newsletter in the sidebar.  We’re here to enrich our readers’ lives with articles and services that inform, educate and even entertain.

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