Amazon facial recognition technology found to be gender and racial bias

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An MIT lab study has revealed Amazon’s Rekognition underperformed when trying to identify females or individuals with darker skin. Amazon facial recognition technology, Rekognition, is widely used by police departments and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) across the US. However, recent research has revealed that the deep-learning software, which has emerged as a leader in the facial recognition field, still has a few serious bugs to work out in regard to gender and racial bias. Rekognition made no mistakes when identifying the gender of a light-skinned man. According to a…

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MIT announces release of NewsFlash using technology similar to QR codes

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NewsFlash is designed for iPads and smartphones so that they can share data with light transmission similar to the process for QR codes. The Media Lab at MIT is always working on projects that are at the very cutting edge of technology, and most recently they have unveiled NewsFlash, which uses a new type of light transmission technology that can be compared to the way that mobile devices use QR codes. NewsFlash is a project that uses green and red light to allow iPad and mobile phone devices to share…

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