Mhealth QR code app wins AKU Hackathon prize

scan qr code app

The mobile application would help to overcome struggles faced in many hospital emergency rooms. The first ever medical hackathon to take place in Pakistan has announced an mhealth QR code app as a winner. The event took place at the Aga Khan University. The mobile app may prove helpful in overcoming hospital ER challenges. The winning team was called *HistorER* and used a unique quick response code system. The QR code app could be used in emergency rooms to provide medical teams with patient histories. A major struggle facing ER…

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MEB in The Netherlands defines QR codes usage policy

QR Codes Used for Medical

The Medicines Evaluation Board has now decided how quick response codes can be used on packaging. It has now been announced by the Netherlands Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB) that they have now come up with a policy that specifically defines the way that QR codes can be used on the outer packaging and the package leaflets for products within the medicinal category. This policy goes into detail about the conditions that must be fulfilled by quick response codes. Through this newly created policy, the MEB has worked to address the…

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QR codes to be used for medical history tracking for marathons

marathon run qr codes

The Cellcom Green Bay full and half marathons will use quick response codes for emergency data. With only just over a month to go before the Cellcom Green Bay full and half marathons are set to begin, participants for this year’s event are now receiving emails that request information about their medical history, and this will be incorporated into QR codes to make them readily accessible when the day does arrive. This use of quick response codes is meant to make it easier for emergency responders to access medical information.…

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QR codes on ID bracelet could help to save lives

qr codes medical id bracelet - Resq scan

A paramedic named Lee Roberts has come up with the ResQ Scan quick response code bracelet. Lee Roberts is a paramedic from New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, who has learned that every second counts when it comes to saving a life, so he developed the ResQ Scan bracelet with QR codes to help first responders to gain rapid and immediate access to the medical history of the wearer. By scanning the quick response code, first responders learn about the medical history and even contact information. Roberts has been a paramedic…

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QR codes help take on dengue outbreaks

dengue qr codes mosquito

A Gravitrap equipped with quick response codes can help to keep people informed. A new tool has now become available in Singapore that is designed to use QR codes to help people to gain quick and easy accurate information about dengue, in order to be able to better battle outbreaks of the disease. This tool, which has already proven to be helpful, will now use quick response codes to boost effectiveness. The tool is called the Gravitrap. It functions by capturing female mosquitoes that are ready to lay their eggs.…

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