QR codes rolled out for all Sina Weibo users

Sina Weibo QR Codes

More than 300 million mobile barcodes issued to registered members of the blogging site. The micro blogging website from China, called Sina Weibo, has announced that it has rolled out a new feature which will provide all of its members with their own QR codes. This means that over 300 million registered users will have their own quick response codes. The service went into effect immediately and gave the members of the site the ability to generate their own customized QR codes from their computers through their Sina Weibo accounts.…

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iResearch study shows 2011 will experience 76 percent increase in mobile payments

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments – where purchases can be made through a smartphone or tablet – are becoming much more popular, especially as 3G networks have become popular in the massive Chinese mobile marketplace. Over the last year, the growth of the use of mobile phone payments has been explosive, and an even greater increase is on the cusp of occurring. Several telecommunication operators and banks in China have had representatives discuss the opportunity presented by mobile payments. China Mobile president, Wang Jianzhou, has stated that the current cooperation of the company…

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