QR codes rolled out for all Sina Weibo users

Sina Weibo QR Codes

Sina Weibo QR Codes

More than 300 million mobile barcodes issued to registered members of the blogging site.

The micro blogging website from China, called Sina Weibo, has announced that it has rolled out a new feature which will provide all of its members with their own QR codes.

This means that over 300 million registered users will have their own quick response codes.

The service went into effect immediately and gave the members of the site the ability to generate their own customized QR codes from their computers through their Sina Weibo accounts. They could also opt to generate the barcodes using the iPhone or Android app from the website.

The hope is that the QR codes will help users to better promote their online activities.

It is also hoped that members will use the QR codes on their business cards in order to draw even more attention to their activities online as well as to Sina Weibo itself.

This is not the first mobile barcode feature of this nature that has been released in China. In August, WeChat, the largest group messaging app in the world, launched a comparable feature for its over 100 million users.

At the moment, there are over 1 billion smartphone subscribers in the country. One in every four smartphones that are manufactured around the world will be sold in China this year. This makes the Chinese mcommerce marketplace an exceptionally important one. By using tools such as QR codes, sites are providing their users with effective ways to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

Moreover, as these barcodes are highly inexpensive to generate and use, they are appealing for both companies and for consumers. When one of the Sina Weibo QR codes is scanned by a smartphone, the mobile device user is automatically directed to the profile page of the code’s owner.

The generator for the QR codes is very simple and direct to use both in its desktop and mobile app versions. This will help to encourage the Sina Weibo members to use the feature and to share the barcode with other members or to bring in new people to register.

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