Toddler activates iPhone lock out on mother’s phone for 47.8 years

iPhone lock - iPhone passcode try again

The little one was meant to be watching kids videos but turned on the lock screen instead. A toddler in China managed to enter the wrong password on the iPhone lock screen enough to block access for almost 48 years. The child continually entered the wrong password on the screen. The kid had been watching educational videos on the iPhone and had been left unsupervised. The Shanghai family must now face an iPhone lock out for over 25 million minutes. A South China Morning Post report stated that the two…

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iOS 8 continues to cause iPhone and iPad owners grief

iOS 8 iphone 6 apple mobile security

Despite recent updates to the Apple mobile operating system, WiFi, Bluetooth, and calendar problems remain. The release of iOS 8 was more than four months ago, and since that time, the owners of iPads and iPhones have been suffering from struggles with certain important problems, such as Bluetooth issues, calendar blips, and a massive struggle with WiFi reliability. The iOS 8.1.3 update is the sixth one that has been released to try to patch the problems of the operating system. Unfortunately, despite the number of improvements that Apple has made…

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