QR codes and “Mystery Skype” teach 4th grade geography

back to school education children wearable technology devices student qr codes

This mobile technology is being implemented as a new tool to help fourth graders to learn. New Castle students in 4th grade at Carrie Downie Elementary School are now using QR codes and Mystery Skype to be able to connect with 63 other classrooms around the globe in order to give them a more authentic geography lesson. It may not be possible to take the kids on field trips around the world, but this might be the next best thing. The children will be talking to other classrooms around the…

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Technology company announces new line of children’s books and toys that make use of augmented reality

Augmented Reality Books

Digital Tech Frontier, a technology company with more than fifteen years experience in innovative concepts and their associated technologies, has announced a new line of products aimed at children. The line is called Popar Toys and combines augmented reality with children’s books and other toys. The company plans to debut their first products at the upcoming New York Toy Fair, but has released some information regarding the new venture. The company claims that the new products will help kids learn as well as keep them entertained for hours on end.…

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