Mobile commerce is set to boom in India

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Study predicts that mobile commerce with overtake e-commerce in terms of growth Mobile commerce is expected to overtake e-commerce in terms of growth in India in the coming years. Deloitte India has released a new study that shows that the demand for mobile commerce services is growing among consumers and businesses alike. Many people are beginning to rely on their smartphones and tablets to get their shopping done, both online and off. As such, they are shopping on conventional computers less frequently. More companies are involving themselves in the mobile…

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Mobile commerce continues to grow in India

india mobile commerce

New report predicts exponential growth for mobile commerce in 2015 Mobile commerce is growing quickly in India. Many of the country’s retailers are beginning to invest in the mobile space as a way to engage consumers that are using their smartphones and tablets to shop online and in physical stores. Vizury, a leading marketing and remarketing firm, has released a new report concerning the state of India’s mobile commerce sector. The report shows that the sector is poised to see exponential growth in 2015. Report shows that mobile commerce represents…

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