Air Fest makes world’s largest QR code in Canada

Last year, two organizations were fighting to break the world record for the largest functioning QR code ever built. Hackerspace Charlotte, an artistic collective focused on digital media, and Skanz, a social networking platform specializing in QR codes, both succeeded in building massive codes. Unfortunately, their efforts may have been for naught, as a new competitor emerged last week and showed off its own gargantuan QR code. Air Fest, a provider of day camps and schools for children in Canada, has taken the title of champion with their staggering creation.…

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Turkish soccer fans use QR codes to insult opposing teams

Soccer Fans QR Code wearable technology

QR codes may have risen to prominence because of their use in marketing, but the codes are famously versatile and are beginning to catch the interest of people all over the world. While consumers have become leery of the codes because of their ability to hide malicious content, they are growing more comfortable with using the codes themselves. This is particularly true in the world of sports, where fans have begun using the codes to sling insults at supporters of opposing teams. In Turkey, soccer fans have been using QR…

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Korean company builds a QR code out of chocolate blocks

In the world of mobile marketing, few tools are as versatile as the QR code. The codes are most often generated digitally. On rare occasions, however, a company takes matters into their own hands and creates codes with physical materials. Such is the case with Lock&Lock, the world’s leading producer of plastic food storage containers. The Korean-based company is well known for their products and their knack for consumer interaction and customer loyalty. Because of this, adopting QR codes seems to be no surprise, but the company was not content…

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