Mobile security could benefit from combined Nokia and Microsoft effort

Microsoft mobile secrurity Outlook app

The two companies are actively working to raise the stakes for making the devices safer. Microsoft’s agreement to purchase the smartphone business from Nokia – worth $7.2 billion – is giving the software company the boost that it may need to surpass both Samsung and Apple in terms of mobile security. The company is gathering what it needs to create a smartphone platform that is enterprise class. Despite the fact that Microsoft does now have the technology and will soon also have the manufacturing facilities that it requires, it is…

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Mobile commerce study shows massive growth

mobile commerce app popularity - zoompass example

A new study conducted in the United Kingdom has shown that the smartphone shopping trend is expanding rapidly. Mobile commerce is rapidly making its mark on the world and the results of the latest study conducted in the United Kingdom have suggested that if companies fail to accept this fact and keep up with the demands of technology, they could rapidly be left behind by their competition. The popularity of smartphones has made this channel available and used by a very rapidly growing consumer base. Gartner research has now shown…

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