Social media marketing war between Facebook and Google heats up

Google+ social media marketing

Google CEO takes aim at product line from Facebook and blasts its quality levels. According to Larry Page, the chief executive officer at Google, Facebook doesn’t know what it’s doing when it attempts to create a quality social media marketing product that is up to the standards of the best in the industry. Page recently opened up in an interview about his opinions regarding the problems at Facebook. He shared what he felt were some of the problems that he had seen at the most popular social network in the…

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Facebook’s mobile marketing powers skyrocket as their search capabilities rival Google

Mobile Commerce

Facebook is focused on a social search framework that could redefine mobile marketing and monetizing. Facebook has set its sights on a new way to accomplish mobile marketing in order to monetize the channel, by creating a social search framework which will form an entirely new source of value and revenue that will leave current estimates about the future of mobile behind. The financial success it intends to achieve through its efforts will, however, be at the expense of Amazon and Google, should it be successful. Amazon is at risk…

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