Aurasma and The Philadelphia Inquirer team to make North America’s first augmented reality newspaper

Augmented reality may just save the print industry   Leading augmented reality developer Aurasma and The Philadelphia Inquirer have announced a partnership this week that will debut North America’s first augmented reality newspaper. Augmented reality has been becoming a popular subject in the publishing industry recently. The technology could potentially revitalize what is considered an obsolete medium by offering consumers and interactive digital experience. The Philadelphia Inquirer is keen to see just what benefits the technology can bring and how consumers will react to a new generation of newspapers. The…

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Publishers turn to QR codes as a way to engage readers

QR Code

The print industry continues to draw vitality from QR codes as more publisher adapt to mobile technology. The industry has struck turbulent waters in recent years as new technologies make waves with consumers. Mobile devices are helping consumers shift their interest away from traditional print media to digital. Such devices allow users to read virtually anything they want wherever they are while still allowing them to browse the Internet or social networks. Publishers are unwilling to fade into obscurity, however, and have adopted a technology they once thought was another…

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