Samsung mobile security gets a boost with former US Department of Defense CIO

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The South Korean consumer electronics giant has hired the security heavyweight, say recent reports. Former Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen, of the U.S. Department of Defense, is now an executive vice president boosting Samsung mobile security. The company reported the new hire to its mobile division over official channels. Halvorsen was with the Department of Defense until February 2017, after which time he retired from his position. Media speculation suggests Halvorsen will provide considerable Samsung mobile security support as the company expands its presence in that arena within the United…

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Wearable technology is being tested by the Pentagon

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The Department of Defense is looking into the ability to use wearables for more effective soldiers and airmen. Wearable technology is one of the next types of product being examined by the Department of Defense, as it seeks to provide an advantage to soldiers and airmen in combat by bringing them lightweight tech equipment. The Pentagon has already made an investment of millions of dollars into various aspects of wearables. The purpose of the investments is to make wearable technology smaller, lighter, and more powerful so that it is more…

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Mobile security device plan revealed by Pentagon

Department of Defense headquaters mobile security

The Department of Defense has unveiled its intentions for adopting apps and gadgets. The military has just revealed its plans for boosting the adoption of using devices with mobile security, in addition to apps, for both unclassified and classified uses. These commercial devices have to pass certain tests in order to make certain that they are appropriate. The Department of Defense issued a release that showed that it plans to adopt more commercial mobile security tested devices as well as secure apps within the military in order to use them…

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BlackBerry 7 wins approval and adoption from the Department of Defense

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DOD shows favor for BlackBerry 7 based on augmented reality and NFC technology Research in Motion (RIM), the technology company responsible for the BlackBerry mobile devices, has announced that BlackBerry 7 smart phones have been approved for use in operations from the U.S. Department of Defense. These smart phones are equipped with voice recognition, NFC and augmented reality technologies. The DOD believes the mobile devices will be useful for a number of military and national security operations and may see use in the field as early as this year, pending…

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Pentagon orders augmented reality contact lenses from Innovega


Augmented reality lenses not just for video games! The U.S. Department of Defense is becoming more enamored with the prospects of augmented reality that, this week, the Pentagon issued an order for an augmented reality system that is used for contact lenses. The system, called iOptik, is developed by Innovega, a manufacturer of wearable interfaces. It is based upon dual focus contact lenses and Innovega claims that the system expands a person’s field of vision significantly. Because it is, essentially, a dual focus lens, wearers will be able to will…

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