QR codes mystery in Montgomery has been solved

Mobile Marketing QR Codes

The sudden appearance of large quick response barcodes in the downtown area has been tracked to its source. On March 28, Mobile Commerce News first reported that there were QR codes popping up all over the downtown area of Montgomery, Alabama, and that mystery has now been solved now that the owners of the barcodes have been identified. As it turns out, these mystery barcodes were displayed to promote a seminar that was to be held in the area. The mystery was causing a number of raised brows in the…

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QR codes are gaining strength in numbers

QR Codes fitness

There has been a growing amount of creativity in how QR codes are being used. Though it took a while for them to catch on, QR codes are now appearing just about everywhere, from more common product packages to increasingly unique and unusual spots. From shop windows to print ads, and even gravestones, these barcodes are appearing everywhere we look. Quick response codes are becoming quite the common sight on flower pots, pizza boxes, an even produce stickers at the supermarket. If you use a smartphone to scan the plant…

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Artist creates QR code art in “Beautiful Traps”

QR Codes Art

Yiying Lu has released another art project that includes the barcodes in the artwork. QR code art has been taken to another level by Yiying Lu, who has just released her latest project which is a collection called “Beautiful Traps” which integrates fashion and nature while being fully scannable. The pieces are worked into combination watercolor and marker paintings depicting women wearing carnivorous plants as their hats. Integrated into the headwear of several of the women are the quick response codes. The QR code art is created entirely by hand,…

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VW uses creative QR codes in advertising

The barcode was used in a commercial for its Crafter commercial vans Volkswagen has taken a unique and create QR codes approach to the way that the barcodes are used in order to generate some awareness about its Crafter commercial vans and their significant capacity. It created a commercial where the quick response codes were made out of orange crates. The commercial ran in Mexico and didn’t have any dialogue or narration. It simply showed the process of the creation of a massive unique mobile barcode out of orange crates,…

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QR code crossword puzzle links scanners to full-length movie

QR Code Used in Crossword Puzzle

As QR codes continue to grow in popularity around the world, new ways to use the codes are beginning to emerge. Svanes Kolding, an emerging filmmaker from Los Angeles, has found a new way to use QR codes that is quite different from how others are using the codes. To commemorate his movie, The Things We Keep, Kolding has fashioned a crossword puzzle out of the iconic design of a QR code. The puzzle is no small feat, as Kolding had to figure out how to make the puzzle functional…

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Tony Taj incorporates QR codes into his paintings to engage a wider audience

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in the world of art. Though most often used in marketing, the codes hold a great appeal to those looking to engage and audience on a more dynamic level. Artists, for instance, are beginning to use the codes to connect with their audience, opening up a new avenue of interaction. The Internet is one of the most valuable tools for artists today as artists can use it as a medium to expose their work to a much broader audience. Tony Taj, an artist and…

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Google shoots for the moon with new contest – may be the first to place QR codes amongst the stars!


The end of NASA’s space exploration program has come to an end, leaving the cosmos free to anyone with enough ambition and financial clout to leave the planet. Given the expense and danger inherent in space faring, few are capable of drumming up the money to fund missions to the moon. Fortunately, Google has set its eyes on the moon, meaning that the company will not be earthbound for much longer. Google’s new project, the Lunar X PRIZE, is bringing together some ambitious engineers to send new creations into space.…

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Dubai doing it big again but this time with QR codes

A number of companies have displayed their ingenuity in using QR codes. The codes have had a significant impact on how marketers reach consumers, but some have not been content with the normally sedentary nature of the codes. Generally, QR codes are an accompaniment – often tucked away in a corner – while the more flashy aspects of advertising soak up the most attention. Those looking to make the codes a more prominent piece to their marketing campaigns have gone so far as to constructing massive codes out of paint…

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