China UnionPay launches new mobile commerce service

China Mobile commerce ticketing payments

New mobile commerce service launches in China China UnionPay has officially launched its ambitious mobile commerce platform in Shanghai. The company has been working on developing the platform for some time, hoping to fashion it after the interests of consumers. Many Chinese consumers have become enthralled with the concept of mobile commerce, thus increasing the demand for services that cater to this interest. China UnionPay expects the new service to be well received among consumers due to the fact that it leverages NFC technology and offers a more convenient way…

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NFC technology embraced by the mobile industry worldwide

Hong Kong mobile payments

This year, the worldwide adoption of near field communication (NFC) has taken off in the mobile industry, as Google Wallet has made its strong debut and top manufacturers of mobile devices, such as Samsung (Google), Nokia, LG, RIM, and ZTE, have been producing handsets enabled with the technology. In mainland China alone, there are more than 900 users of mobile devices, making it the region with the greatest potential for the future growth of NFC use. Companies that are aiming to connect with NFC suppliers or to research new innovations…

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