Spotify to launch in-app sales for EU iPhone users

In-app sales - Spotify app on phone - EU flag

A new regulation in the European Union requires Apple to let the company bill users directly. Spotify recently announced that along with an upcoming update to its iPhone application, it will start allowing consumers in the European Union to buy through direct in-app sales of subscriptions and audiobooks. In the majority of regions worldwide, the Apple App Store bans direct billing through applications. According to Apple, developers in markets other than the EU should use the iOS store’s own billing services for in-app sales. By doing this, it means that…

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Toddler activates iPhone lock out on mother’s phone for 47.8 years

iPhone lock - iPhone passcode try again

The little one was meant to be watching kids videos but turned on the lock screen instead. A toddler in China managed to enter the wrong password on the iPhone lock screen enough to block access for almost 48 years. The child continually entered the wrong password on the screen. The kid had been watching educational videos on the iPhone and had been left unsupervised. The Shanghai family must now face an iPhone lock out for over 25 million minutes. A South China Morning Post report stated that the two…

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Apple brings new POS systems to retail stores to support mobile payments

Apple mobile payments

New POS systems are being introduces to Apple’s retail stores Apple is beginning to introduce new mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems to their physical retail stores. These POS solutions make use of the iPhone 5S and the company’s “EasyPay” system. The EasyPay system has been in place since 2009 and Apple has been using it to provide consumers with more convenience for several years. Apple’s interest in the mobile shopping space has been growing steadily over the past few years, but the company has been very cautious with its entrance into…

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