Android smartwatches can connect with iPhones

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Google has released a new mobile app to make the wearable technology with iOS based smartphones. Just because you have an iPhone, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to choose from among Android based smartwatches, at least not when the application that Google has announced is installed onto the smartphone. This represents the next serious move that has been made in the rivalry between Google and Apple. As the two companies duke it out over smartwatches as they make their first steps into the market and onto people’s…

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Smartwatch details released for the Moto 360

Moto 360 smartwatches

The Motorola version of the wearable technology comes at a time in which many tech giants jump into the trend. It feels as though each passing day comes with a new smartwatch launch and another set of rumors about those that have yet to make it to the market shelves, and among the most recent of those announcements has been the details regarding the Moto 360. Jim Wicks, the chief designer at Motorola, provided a number of Moto 360 design principles. Wicks pointed out a number of interesting things that…

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Gadgets continue to be released with Google smartwatch rumors

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If a new report is correct, then the device that has never been officially acknowledged will soon be unveiled. According to reports that were published in the Wall Street Journal, Google is currently in talks with Asian gadgets suppliers for beginning the mass production of its new smartwatch product – which remains a device that is only rumored and never officially announced, but that is believed to be in the later development stages. The report suggests that Google’s latest wearable device will be based on their Android operating system. The…

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