Smartwatch details released for the Moto 360

Moto 360 smartwatches

The Motorola version of the wearable technology comes at a time in which many tech giants jump into the trend.

It feels as though each passing day comes with a new smartwatch launch and another set of rumors about those that have yet to make it to the market shelves, and among the most recent of those announcements has been the details regarding the Moto 360.

Jim Wicks, the chief designer at Motorola, provided a number of Moto 360 design principles.

Wicks pointed out a number of interesting things that can be expected from the Moto 360 smartwatch that will be released by Motorola. The first among them is that it will not be a subtle piece to wear. It is large enough to mirror the size of a statement piece from any of the leading traditional luxury timepiece brands.

That said, the face in of this wearable technology will be round, which will be different from the square or rectangular shape that seems to have become the “standard” among wearables, so far. This, according to Wicks, was a matter of visual appeal as much as comfort, removing corners that could press into the wrist as is represents a familiar and traditional shape.

For now, the Moto 360 smartwatch will be sold in a single size, but the bands will be customizable.

The watch will be wearable on either risk and the screen will orient itself to be readable no matter which direction it is facing. This device will be compatible with any smartphone running on Android 4.3. Contrary to the Samsung Galaxy Gear wearables, the Moto 360 devices will work with any Android smartphone that has received a software update within the last 6 months.

As of yet, the battery life and the price have not been announced. That said, considering the design and the features that will be included in this device, it is unlikely that it will be among the cheaper options on the market. It should be fair to guess that a single charge should provide a full day of use.

Many of the concepts that will be implemented into the Moto 360 are already familiar as they were forms of tech that were used in the Moto X. These were features that made Moto X unique and could help the Moto 360 smartwatch to stand out, such as its always listening ability for voice command, and its contextual awareness. These wearables should hit the US market this summer.

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