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Mobile security company hired by BlackBerry for App World

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Blackberry mobile securityTrend Micro has just been contracted by the company formerly known as Research In Motion.

BlackBerry has just announced that it has signed a contract with Trend Micro, a mobile security company, in order to provide screening of third party apps before they are added to the App World for download or purchase by device users.

This is meant to provide a considerable upgrade to the already substantial protection the company offers its customers.

Before applications from third parties can be sold or downloaded from BlackBerry App World, there is a process which they must undergo. When developers submit apps, they will be screened for privacy issues as well as malware, by software through the Trend Micro Mobile Application Reputation Service. According to its manufacturer, this will provide a more extensive level of protection to BlackBerry customers who shop for and download apps from that location.

Trend Micro is known for providing mobile security and other forms of safety solutions.

The specialty for which Trend Micro is most greatly recognized is not just in mobile security, but also for protection systems that are implemented for cloud storage. The company’s software has already provided screening for more than two million mobile apps for providers other than BlackBerry.

Adrian Stone, the director of security response and threat analysis at BlackBerry, has explained that “By incorporating Trend Micro’s advanced mobile scanning and detection capabilities with our own internal, proprietary application analyzing system, we can provide another layer of protection and assurance for BlackBerry customers.”

Stone went on to say that by working together, Trend Micro and BlackBerry are beginning the development o yet another comprehensive and quite innovative protection solution. It is geared toward making certain that the mobile device manufacturer’s customers are among the safest in the industry from various forms of privacy and other threats.

The mobile security environment is always developing new forms and types of threats and concerns, and BlackBerry feels that this new partnership with Trend Micro and the use of this software will help to keep on top of these problems, before they have the opportunity to affect their customers.

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