Augmented reality technology patent issued to iQuest

Augmented Reality
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Augmented RealityIt was issued in the United States to protect the company’s recording and holistic display technology.

iQuest, Inc. has just announced the receipt of their first issued patent in the United States, which covers their iQagent’s holistic display and recording technology, which is used for their augmented reality app.

This newly protected technology helps in combining the real and virtual worlds through mobile devices.

iQagent is an iOS app that was first unveiled in 2012, and that has since been the recipient of notable awards. This augmented reality application displays resources and data on Apple mobile devices, which are related to equipment that it has “recognized” on the floors of factories and plants.

The augmented reality app patent is invention 8,358,903, and covers unique iQuest technology.

The augmented reality mobile display allows the device to identify various types of equipment and processes (also known as points of interest – POIs) on a plant floor, so that this recognition can be integrated with relevant resource links and process data and then produced on the screen of the device. It uses the device camera through the use of various forms of machine readable indicia, such as QR codes.


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According to Bob Meads, the president of iQuest, “The problem is that resources are scattered all over the plant; workers waste time searching for information rather than completing tasks.” He went on to say that “Our invention solves that problem by associating data and resources with equipment; workers simply view the process through their tablet or smart phone to access information they need to do their job. For instance, users can scan a motor to track its speed, or chart a production line’s efficiency.” He pointed out that they can then look into schematics, maintenance libraries, make an issue report, or contact other staff members who are assigned to that area.

Patrick Meere, the vice president of the company, also stated that the augmented reality technology also helps to overcome one of the most costly production environment problems, which is unplanned downtime. This can help to save companies thousands of dollars every hour by preventing this downtime from occurring in the first place.

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