Apple mobile devices increasingly made with renewable energy

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The iPhone maker said that a rising portion of its supply chain is powered by cleaner sources.

Apple recently announced that a growing proportion of its supply chain is making commitments for the use of renewable energy in the production of its mobile devices such as its iPhones, Apple Watches, Macs and others.

The company has said that its suppliers are already using a rising amount of alternative clean energy.

According to Apple, its suppliers are supporting 13 gigawatts of active renewable energy projects. This represents a notable increase over last year, when that figure was 10 gigawatts. The company’s suppliers have agreed to commit to the support of an eventual renewable energy total of 20 gigawatts of projects. This commitment is an improvement over what had been agreed last year, when their goal was to support a total of 15 gigawatts, said Apple.

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The company’s own operations have already reached carbon neutrality. In fact, Apple achieved its carbon neutral status in 2020. That said, it has been working to broaden its carbon neutrality promise so that it encompasses its entire global supply chain for its mobile devices by 2030.

Some of the largest suppliers for Apple’s mobile devices have been a part of the commitment for years.

Foxconn is among the largest Apple suppliers that have already been a part of the company’s clean energy program. In that specific case, the supplier signed on to commit to renewable energy projects in 2019.

Last week, Apple announced that 250 of its suppliers had joined the pledge for the use of renewable energy for the production of Apple mobile devices. That figure has grown significantly since last year, when a much lower 213 total suppliers had committed to the clean energy program.

The 250 suppliers that have pledged to the carbon neutrality goals and to use renewable energy represent about 85 percent of the iPhone maker’s direct manufacturing spending, said Apple in a recent statement.

In China, about 70 percent of the company’s suppliers have joined the renewable energy pledge for Apple mobile devices production. That represents an important growth since last year when the figure was only 55 suppliers in China, said the company.

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