Eftpos seeks to unify mobile payments

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Mobile commerce competition may soon be a thing of the past

The mobile commerce field is currently awash with a variety of services that are attempting to capture the attention of consumers. Competition among these services is fierce as mobile commerce is seen to have a very promising and lucrative future. The multitude of services available to consumers has created an environment in which no single mobile commerce platform is considered to be mainstream. In Australia, a mobile payments firm is seeking to create some unity in the competitive field.

Cloud-based service seeks to make mobile commerce more flexible and accessible

Eftpos is planning to bring all mobile payments together by introducing a cloud-based service that is meant to make mobile commerce, as a whole, more accessible and flexible for consumers and businesses alike. The firm believes that collaboration between the businesses participating in mobile commerce will breed innovation. This innovation could eventually translate into the development of a new service that changes the way people manage their money and pay for goods and services.

Banks partner with Eftpos for pilot project

Mobile payments AustraliaWhile the concept of unifying mobile payments may be somewhat ambitious, Eftpos has already begun testing this approach to mobile commerce. In early 2013, the firm launched a pilot project concerning its cloud-based service. This pilot project is expected to continue throughout 2014. The Commonwealth Bank, Coles, Bendingo, and Adelaide Bank are participating in this pilot project, though these banks have also developed their own mobile commerce initiatives. Eftpos hopes to find more partners in 2014 that will help make its ambitious service a reality.

Competition may cause stagnation in the mobile commerce field

Eliminating the competition that exists in the mobile commerce field may be a beneficial move for the mobile sector overall. While competition can promote innovation, too much competition can make it difficult for any innovation to attract attention. Moreover, with so many services offering the same things to consumers and businesses alike, there is a great deal of mobility when it comes to using these services. Consumers can easily jump from service to service, forgetting those that have not managed to leave an impression.

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