CEO Bentsur Joseph Decides to Take A2Z Advanced Solutions into the Civilian Market – Why You Should Be Paying Attention

A2Z Advanced Solutions into the Civilian Market

Benstur Joseph, the CEO of A2Z Advanced Solutions announced their plan to enter the civilian market. According to his announcement, A2Z Advanced Solutions is all set to go public in Canada and it will be listed in the TSX-V Exchange (Toronto Stock Exchange) after it enters the market. Already an established player in the robotics industry and a steady supplier of robotic solutions to the IDF (Israel Defence Force), this move will help the company to diversify and gain independence from relying solely on defense contracts.

It’s not entirely uncommon for major defense manufacturers to diversify and enter the civilian markets. Boeing, for instance, makes military aircraft such as the F-18 and A-64 Apache for the US military. It also has also diversified and is one of the biggest names in the commercial aircraft industry. This very diversification allows these major defense manufacturers to keep their shareholders happy even when there is a dwindling of military contracts.

What Types of Civilian Products Can Be Expected from A2Z Advanced Solutions?

CEO Bentsur Joseph or anyone at A2Z Advanced Solutions has not yet declared the specifics of what types of products will be made available after they go public in Canada. However, considering their long history of making highly effective robotic systems for military use, they are probably not going to deviate from their core expertise.

There is little chance A2Z Advanced Solutions is going to make robotic products for individuals. Instead, the company is likely to target other businesses and industries.

The company is going to manufacture lifesaving robotic units for high-risk industries. It may come up with industry-specific robotic prototypes to reduce human involvement in high-risk job roles.

A2Z Advanced Solutions already has a fire-fighting robot that can operate in extremely hazardous conditions and amidst poisonous fumes. These unmanned robots can go inside dangerous buildings where it takes on fire-fighting roles that are otherwise too dangerous for humans. The company also makes bomb disposal robots and counter-terrorist robots for the IDF to tackle high-risk battlefield scenarios.

Taking their experience in creating robots that can endure harsh conditions, they are likely to bring that expertise into the civilian market. The company may introduce specialized robotic units for mining, logging, construction, and other high-risk industries.

The company also has extensive experience in creating electrical generators and providing maintenance services for highly advanced electronic equipment. This means they can also aim for bagging maintenance contracts from businesses that already use robotic solutions.

A2Z Advanced Solutions is Unlike Any Robotics Startup

Tech nerds often get excited about new startups and robotic innovations. However, for a lot of startups, the dream of making it big in the civilian market remain unrealized. Startups often struggle to accumulate the funds to see through the tough times and are often forced to look for investors mid-way. Their constant struggle to gather funds from investors and crowdfunding platforms often end up diluting their core goals.

A2Z Advanced Solutions doesn’t share the instabilities and uncertainties of typical tech startups. With long term military contracts, A2Z Advanced Solutions already has a steady flow of revenue. The company also has over 75 clients all over the globe. The 30 years of experience in manufacturing military-grade robotic units not only gives the firm enough expertise to create innovative solutions for the civilian market, but it also has enough cash flow to see through turbulent times. In short, A2Z Advanced Solutions’ entry into the civilian market will be long term and we should expect the unveiling of an innovative line of civilian prototypes.

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