Bitcoin QR code on murals earns street artist a cool $1,000

Bitcoin QR Code - Street art, grafity, mural

Pascal Boyart is using quick response codes to help kick start his street art with cryptocurrency donations. A street artist named Pascal Boyart has decided to take a more modern route to funding his art, using a Bitcoin QR code. This way, he has allowed himself to earn an income without relying on traditional avenues. Boyart managed to earn revenues from his murals without needing an exhibition in a gallery. The Bitcoin QR code was a part of a growing movement artists have been using to replace the need to…

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Top Dos and Don’ts for a First-Time Small Business Loan

Depending on your credit and know-how, you can ensure a smooth launch to your first company. When you know you have a great small business idea, all you want to do is dive ahead and get started. Enthusiasm is great. It’s what will motivate you to keep going through long hours and without any days off for a while. Still, there are certain areas that you won’t want to rush and that includes your small business loan. Depending on your credit and how you’ve prepared yourself, you could end up…

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Smartwatch Indegogo campaign turns out to be crowdfunding disaster

Kreyos Meteor smartwatch

The Kreyos Meteor was able to raise $1.5 million and the device funders received was…less than ideal. Crowdfunding of any kind does involve somewhat of a gamble, and while a number of smartwatch projects have been able to use these funds to get off the ground and become a true success, there are others that waste a tremendous amount of money in order to come up with a product that is little more than garbage. Unfortunately, the supporters of the Kreyos Meteor found themselves left with a gadget in the…

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Smartwatch from FiDELYS to provide password free mobile security

FiDELYS smartwatch iritech

The wearable technology recognizes the wearer’s eyes to eliminate PINS and logins. There is a new smartwatch called FiDELYS that is now hitting the crowd funding world and that is designed to help mobile device users to be able to abandon the need to have to remember logins and PINs and passwords by using biometrics, instead. The device is used as an iris recognition scanner instead of just another notification gadget. The smartwatch product has been designed to provide wearers with freedom from the ever increasing problem of mobile security…

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Social media marketing helps Reading Rainbow Kickstarter reach record goal

reading rainbow levar burton social media marketing

The crowdfunding effort has now achieved the highest number of backers ever for that platform. The grassroots campaign that has made headlines and that spread wildly through social media marketing and sharing, with support from some of the biggest names from Kickstarter and celebrities across the entire spectrum in order to bring back Reading Rainbow in a mobile app format that will be free to classrooms in need across the United States, has now reached well beyond even its highest goals. After reaching its initial basic $1 million goal within…

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